[X3D-Public] jQuery plugin for working with x3dom scenes

Michalis Kamburelis michalis.kambi at gmail.com
Mon Jan 23 07:19:27 PST 2012

Nathaniel Gibson wrote:
> Hey everyone, I've been working on a plugin for jQuery which allows easy
> and chained building of an x3dom scene.  I know that this is the x3d
> main newsgroup, so I apologize if this might be a little off topic since
> it's based on x3dom (a browser based standard for viewing x3d scenes)

Impressive. I don't really have much technically relevant to say, except 
that it works flawlessly here (on Firefox, actually Iceweasel, 8.0) and 
that the code indeed looks very concise :) The generated X3D output is 
indeed large compared to it (I looked at it though Firebug, and indented 
by "tidy -xml -indent ...").

In a full X3D browser, PROTOtypes could be used to create in pure X3D 
(at least some of) such handy shortcuts. But prototypes are outside of 
X3DOM scope, as far as I know. So this is very handy.


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