[X3D-Public] Android FreeWRL

John Stewart alex.stewart at crc.ca
Thu Jul 5 04:55:59 PDT 2012

Hi Rk;

> This is quite encouraging.  Is there a report on spec compliance with Vrml97
> ?.  I tried the latest version on windows and it chokes on small models.
> These models are ok in Cortona (parallel-graphics) and BSContact
> (bitmanagement.com).

Thank you.

I'm not a windows person so I'll send this report off to him.  He is actually focusing on the Blackberry port right now (port named "X3DShow", in the Blackberry App store), but is still interested in windows.

I'm not going to point you to any conformance pages, because while they exist, I'm not sure that they will be accurate right now.

The FreeWRL code base has code for both the old OpenGL calls, and for new shader-based OpenGL, and of course for OpenGL-ES2.0 for mobile devices. (it also has OpenCL calls, if the platform supports it)

*My* main goal at the moment is to get the OpenGL-ES2 shaders up to the point where scenes render the same on either OpenGL system. You will find some holes in the Android/Blackberry/iPhone versions in terms of Point rendering, and, I believe that there is a bug with two sided materials. 

I expect (as mentioned in my previous email) that there will be more Android release updates in the coming weeks.

John A. Stewart

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