[X3D-Public] Inviation to the Seventeenth annual International Web3D Conference

Anita Havele anita.havele at web3d.org
Tue Jul 31 14:52:39 PDT 2012

Researchers, developers, and creators meet in Los Angeles to demonstrate
interoperable 3D systems like  <http://www.web3d.org/x3d> X3D for
interactive 3D content.

The Seventeenth annual International Web3D Conference (
<http://www.web3d2012.org> http://www.web3d2012.org) will be held on Aug 4
and 5, 2012 at the LA Convention center, Los Angeles, California USA . The
Web3D Conference is collocated with Siggraph 2012 and is co-sponsored by ACM
SIGGRAPH in cooperation with Eurographics, and the Web3D Consortium. 

The conference is a major annual event that unites researchers, developers,
and content creators in a dynamic learning environment to address a wide
range of topics related to 3D multimedia on the Web. With peer-reviewed
papers, workshops, tutorials, and panels, the Web3D Conference provides a
potent opportunity to discuss advances in Web3D including the latest
research activities and industry standards initiatives. More details on the
program are available at:  <http://www.web3d2012.org/program>

At the Conference, industry leaders will demonstrate how to implement
interoperable 3D systems like X3D <http://www.web3d.org/x3d>  for
interactive 3D content. Come see and learn about these innovative X3D
systems, especially new features in the ISO X3D Version 3.3. X3D now offers
declarative 3D in HTML5 as well as expressive volume visualization
functionality. With multiple encodings and API bindings for a common scene
graph model, it is compatible with the broad range of web and industry
technologies. The data integration capacities and the rich set of
componentized features of X3D are expanding and providing new value in areas
such as Geospatial, Augmented Reality, CAD, and Medical applications. Such
robust, cross-platform web applications prove once again that X3D is a
compelling, interoperable expression for interactive networked virtual

Following the Web3D Conference these latest X3D systems and innovations will
be showcased at the Web3D Consortium <http://www.web3d.org/>  booth(234),
Birds-Of-a-Feather meetings and an exhibitor Tech Talk. , Details on Web3D
Consortium SIGGRAPH events can be found at:


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