[X3D-Public] [Cad] CADPart contains CADFace nodes - an opposing view

Don Brutzman brutzman at nps.edu
Fri Jun 22 08:37:19 PDT 2012

Vince, this is an excellent set of examples.  Thanks.

What do you think about this approach:  letting CADFace contain
Transform, in addition to Shape and LOD.  This would be consistent
with letting CADPart and CADFace just containing atomic geometry.

The currently allowed node hierary follows, with possible addition
of (Transform) shown in parentheses.

-	CADPart
--		CADFace
---			Shape
---			LOD
----				Shape (or Transform) only
---			(Transform)
----				Shape (or Transform) only

This would be a good refinement to the spec that would simplify
an author's construction of geometry within CADFace/CADPart.
It is kind of silly to force someone to use Shape/IFS/Coordinate
or other polygonal nodes when simple insertion of a Transform
will allow easier constructs.

Let's create a Mantis issue documenting all this during the call
today.  Absent any objections, I can reconcile X3D Schema and DTD
to match, and we can work on browser support for Transform under
CADFace (which is a pretty trivial change).

all the best, Don
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