[X3D-Public] help w/ X3DOM cube map and refraction/reflection

John Carlson john.carlson3 at sbcglobal.net
Sat Jun 23 20:23:22 PDT 2012

Can someone help me get this X3DOM code into a cube map and using refraction/reflection?  Thanks!


I tried downloading X3DOM code from the examples, but apparently, I need to download a zip or something, or I need to have it on a remote site.  If possible, I'd like to use a local site, but that's not a requirement.  If it's easy enough to use the X3DOM code on a remote site and include my flower in it, let me know.  I'm also not quite sure what the licensing is for X3DOM, so I have used the remote code references in my code--that may be an issue as well.

Here's the X3DOM code I've been trying to use locally:


I don't mind
 collaborating, and you can have non-commercial use of my code for tutorials and demos.

I currently use this code in sagemath to display my equations and "animate" them by hand:

def _(A=(1,10,1),B=(1,10,1),C=(1,10,1),D=(1,10,1)):    
    show(spherical_plot3d(A+B*cos(C*x)*cos(D*y),(x,0,2*pi),(y,0,pi),rgbcolor=(1,.1,.1)), viewer='tachyon')

It would be cool to get this kind of solution with the cubemap and reflection/refraction into a math package.  Is there some option in sagemath to get a cube map and reflection/refraction?

If you're way ahead of me and know this sort of thing has already been done, please point me to an example...thanks!

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