[X3D-Public] Problem with X3D

Bederov, Sergey bederov at cortona3d.com
Wed Mar 21 09:12:28 PDT 2012

Hello Iñaki,

I have got X3DOM running in Firefox via Flash and launched your file (IndexedFaceSet). For me it displays all geometry, see the attached screenshot. Also, it maps the texture in a third way, stretching it independently in both directions to the 0..1 range (which is also incorrect, probably an error in X3DOM).

                                                                Sergey Bederov

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I have attached a X3D file in which I have the Digital Terrain Model. ()

I have created a unique <Shape> element in order to later put an image as a texture.
I have two problems right now:
- I put an image texture to the DTM and not all the image is visualized. (See attached pictures)

  *    The image --> mdt.jpg
  *   Visualization of DTM + image texture on Instant Player --> instantplayer.JPG
  *   Visualization of DTM + image texture on view3dscene --> view3dscene.JPG
  *   Visualization of DTM + image texture on SwView --> swview.JPG

- I'm also trying to visualize it in X3DOM and part of the geometry is deleted. I think that happens because is a very large <IndexedFaceSet> element.
Is there another way to put the geometry but then be able to put the texture correctly?

I do not know if I have explained correctly

Thanks in advance

Iñaki Prieto Furundarena

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