[X3D-Public] X3D mime type progress (draft)

Don Brutzman brutzman at nps.edu
Thu Mar 22 12:05:19 PDT 2012

Len and I worked on the X3D mime types approval application today.  
This is a copy of our progress, recorded at

	X3D Public Wiki: X3D MIME-Type

Comments welcome.  We will further review references and work on it again
at an upcoming X3D working group meeting, probably in 2 weeks.

Current work to gain final MIME-type approval

The Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) has approved IETF RFC 2077 for the Model MIME type. However, the IETF has not recognized X3D has an official MIME type. This page is where we are building the application message for official status.

The work started in 2008 with the initial submission at the end of the year. Comments were received from IETF MIME-Type task force and incorporated back into the application in February 2009. Comments were collected and reported regarding Registration of media type model/x3d+XXX. Further work is still needed to resubmit the application.

The February 2009 document is below. All edits need to be done in conformance with the current application standard. When completed, the application needs to be sent to 'ietf-types at iana.org' with the subject line "Registration of media type model/x3d+XXX" included.


    IETF RFC 2077, The Model Primary Content Type for Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions
    X3D MIME Types and File Extensions
    19776-1 X3D XML encoding, 4.4.1 File extension and MIME types
    19776-2 ClassicVrml encoding, 4.4.1 File extension and MIME type
    19776-3: Compressed binary encoding, 4.5.2 File extensions and MIME types
    MIME Type Submission Form 

Work needing to be done:

    Ensure that this is the correct format for the application
    "Encoding considerations" to update the binary encoding to current state
    Update all specification references to the latest version and description 

Next steps:

    Review the IETF MIME Type Submission references
    Finalize application details that follow
    Submit to IETF and follow up on any resulting actions or approvals


Reference links:

	IETF RFC 2077, The Model Primary Content Type for Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions.

	X3D MIME Types and File Extensions

	19776-1 X3D XML encoding
	4.4.1 File extension and MIME types

	19776-2 ClassicVrml encoding
	4.4.1 File extension and MIME type

	19776-3: Compressed binary encoding
	4.5.2 File extensions and MIME types

	FILExt notes about the X3D file extension:

Spec document error found:
	The concept of MIME types is defined in 2.[MIME].
links to
but this link doesn't lead to a table entry.

Spec document error found:
	invalid table of contents entries:
	   4.4.1 File extension and MIME type
	   4.4.2 Scripting language protocols

Len entered specification bugs for these.

all the best, Don
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