[X3D-Public] FW: MultiUser Q. state package using XML vs. JSON

Sven-Erik Tiberg Sven-Erik.Tiberg at ltu.se
Fri May 25 02:58:55 PDT 2012

Hi runned a test on the examples from http://www.json.org/example.html and came up with this results:
File size             original XML    original JSON   qzip XML           gzip JSON
Test 1                                                                           630                                                   603                      343                                                   295
Test 2                                                                           220                                                   251                      141                                                   156
Test 3                                                                           665                                                   606                      332                                                   298
Test 4                                                                           10708                                              3554                    1456                                                 1079
Test 5                                                                           653                                                   898                      172                                                   286

Conclution in therms of compacting XML and JSON are appr. the same and in terms of readability JSON has an advantage over XML IMHO.
Avalible amount and quality of libs to many language appr. the same.
Both XML and JSON are defined in XMPP spec.

From: Sven-Erik Tiberg
Sent: den 25 maj 2012 10:55
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Subject: MultiUser Q. state package using XML vs. JSON


We are planning to transfere states between X3D clients using XML or shold we look at JSON http://json.org/ .
We will use gzip for compressing state packages.

Does't seems to descreese the package size using JSON but IMHO JSON package are easier to read.

Any comments?

/Sven-Erik Tiberg
Lulea Univ of Technology / Sweden
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