[X3D-Public] CAD Teapot evolution

Don Brutzman brutzman at nps.edu
Sat Oct 6 11:41:43 PDT 2012

cc: x3d-public

[...] perhaps we should dress up our CAD teapot?


	Teapot model demonstrating proper hierarchy of CAD nodes: CADLayer, CADAssembly, CADPart, and then CADFace.

Hmmm, maybe we should think about a Smart Teapot including various use-case tasks:
- assembly, disassembly visualization
- checking online inventory
- publish/print (e.g. Shapeways or direct to 3D printer)
- operating procedures, hyperlinked and animated
- repair procedures, hyperlinked and animated
- e-book learning about this object

This kind of activity would be great for the next stage of CAD working group efforts:  building examples that demonstrate X3D CAD models in action.

all the best, Don
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