[X3D-Public] FreeX3D (Android) revision 8 out on Google Play store.

John Stewart alex.stewart at crc.ca
Wed Oct 10 07:37:11 PDT 2012

Dear X3D-Public people; (CC'd to the FreeWRL development list)

I put Revision 8 of FreeX3D for Android up on the Google Play store last night. 

It has the following attributes:

	- "Intent" receiver - it should listen for:
		- file types ".stl" ".wrl"  ".x3d" ".x3dv"
		- mime types "application/sla", "model/x3d+vrml", "model/x3d+xml"

	- Anaglyph rendering; put on your cool/retro anaglyph glasses and see 3D models in 3D;

	- more checking and handling of errors;

	- get resources (files, textures, etc) from the web if required.

So, you should be able to go to a web page, click on a link, and download directly to FreeX3D - assuming the web page sends out one of the mime types, or the file extension is ok.

Please feel free to email with comments/suggestions and I'll do my best to get things in the code base.

John Alexander Stewart.

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