[X3D-Public] FreeX3D release 9 for Android on App store

John Stewart alex.stewart at crc.ca
Sat Oct 27 17:05:49 PDT 2012

Hi all;

Release 9 of FreeX3D for Android has been submitted to the Google App store. It should be there shortly, and is (of course) a free upgrade for previous purchasers of FreeX3D.

Changes include:
	- Bounding Box calculation issue, leading to issues with OpenGL-ES Z-buffer selection fixed;
	- Shaders can be selected so that either Phong shading, or Gouraud Shading can be used; (better/faster selection)
	- DirectionalLight placement now works as expected (but Spot and PointLights need work for next release);
	- The Android "ActionBar" now hides in 5-seconds, or 20 seconds (or, never) so that as much of the screen is available as possible;
	- The Android "ActionBar" background is now settable to black, or transparent, so menus can blend into your scene, or sit on their own background.

For the STL (3D and CAD people) the STL Vertex combining precision is now user-settable. 

There's a few other bits and bobs added. I have more suggestions (in addition to the Point and Spot light bug) coming in the next release, planned for around the end of November.

I appreciate the feedback, and the support from the X3D community.


John Alexander Stewart
Ottawa, Canada.

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