[X3D-Public] Android FreeX3D release in Google Play + FreeWRL codebase

John Stewart alex.stewart at crc.ca
Thu Sep 6 14:13:29 PDT 2012

Hello all;

I have put another release of FreeX3D up on the Google Play store.

It is an inexpensive app - 0.99c or the equivalent, and it does load and render STL files as well as X3D files.

I have tried it on phones ranging from 2.2 to 4.1.1; previous versions tripped some bugs in 2.2 actual phones which caused issues, and were not caught in the development environment, nor emulator.

The code (other than some of the STL loading) is in the FreeWRL Open Source repository, build instructions are in the "Android" directory on the CVS download.

Coming up (assuming no more hardware rendering issues):
	- TextureCoordinateGenerator support moved to OpenGL shader code;
	- Android specific User Interface changes;
	- Web Page updates for the Anddroid specific freex3d.org. 

Feedback is important for the development of this product, so, feedback welcome.


John A. Stewart
alex.stewart at crc.ca

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