[X3D-Public] videos of proper animation for example X3D scenes

Don Brutzman brutzman at nps.edu
Thu Apr 18 07:58:22 PDT 2013

thanks for your note Johannes

On 3/3/2013 1:51 PM, Dr. Johannes Behr wrote:
> On 2 Mar 2013, at 21:02, Don Brutzman <brutzman at nps.edu> wrote:
>> I would like to begin adding videos to the example archives that show proper animation for example X3D scenes.
>> goal:  improve browser performance and consistency.
>> example:
>> 	http://www.web3d.org/x3d/content/examples/Basic/NURBS/videos/NurbsCurveExample.mov
>> wondering: is the .mov format i'm using widely playable for people on different operating systems?
> mov is a quicktime/apple specific container. mkv or mp4 are more widely used.

mkv is experimental, rather than a standard, correct?

mp4 has the licensing problem that after 50,000 views royalty payments 
must be made.  we do not have the accounting infrastructure or funding 
lines to properly track and pay such costs, especially since they might 
emerge unpredictably in future years for the most popular videos.

so we are looking for an unencumbered standards format that played 
satisfactorily across platforms without prior setup.  in the past we 
have had pretty good experience with portability of .mov files, but 
don't have much day-to-day experience with Linux.

all the best, Don
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