[X3D-Public] CAD examples errors

Michalis Kamburelis michalis.kambi at gmail.com
Sun Apr 28 14:58:12 PDT 2013

Don Brutzman wrote:
> FWIW tho I did not find a reference from CadGeometryPrototypes to
> MetadataPrototypes; perhaps you are using it internal to your X3D engine.

The reference is indirect:
- "Cad Geometry Extern Prototypes" on 

- ...refers to 
. Reference is inside CadGeometryExternPrototypes.x3d at line 73, 
<ExternProtoDeclare> for name='CADPart'. Yes, the .x3d file refers to 
.wrl as the first candidate to download. That's probably not a problem, 
as there is a clear warning in META "Do not use these prototypes in an 
up-to-date X3D browser that already provides CAD support.", so this test 
is not terribly important anyway.

- ...which in turn refers to 

> Alternative A should work, it is the agreed-upon solution and is
> supported by DOCTYPE and DTD.
> Actually I see that there is a problem with the draft X3D v3.3
> disposition document: it does not include the update to allow Transform
> as child of CADFace, as specified in the Mantis bug 528.

Oh, so X3D 3.3 should allow Transform within CADFace? Good to know.

Thanks for quickly resolving this! Regards,

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