[X3D-Public] support for .bmp image format, and possibly SVG

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Hi --


However, JPEG2000 is an International Standard. I have not heard of WebP at
all. I agree that requiring BMP is not necessary (or even desirable).
JPEG2000 would be OK but I think that support is still not exactly
widespread even though the compression is better than JPEG.


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An additional one that might be good to recommend is WebP: like JPEG2000,

it also has a file size advantage over JPEG and PNG and supports metadata,

and it's even already more widely supported in webbrowsers than JPEG2000



See you,


2013/8/18 Joe D Williams <joedwil at earthlink.net>

What happened to JPEG2000. Didn't that have some good geo features?

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Thanks for the helpful considerations.

To be precise, PNG and JPG image formats are required for an X3D player.


18.4.1 ImageTexture
Browsers shall support the JPEG (see 2. [JPEG]) and PNG (see ISO/IEC 15948)
image file formats. In addition, browsers may support other image formats
(EXAMPLE  CGM, ISO/IEC 8632) that can be rendered into a 2D image. Support
for the GIF format (see [GIF]) is also recommended (including transparency).

GIF is currently recommended, but will likely become required since it is so
common and no longer encumbered.  That was the only reason it wasn't
required in the first place.

So, the prior proposal was whether to make BMP a recommended format for X3D
player support in the preceding specification section.

Also under consideration:  Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) as a candidate
ImageTexture format.  Feedback welcome.

p.s. there aren't any sudden moves happening here... X3D v3.4 will take some
time to play out.  Meanwhile X3D players are always welcome to add support
for any formats they wish.

all the best, Don
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