[X3D-Public] reason / benefits of homogeneous coordinates in NURBS?

Philipp Serfling Philipp.Serfling at t-systems-mms.com
Mon Aug 26 00:04:41 PDT 2013

i´m sorry to bother you again with my problems, but if anyone know some
resources or reasons for my problem written underneath, i would be very


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Betreff: reason / benefits of homogeneous coordinates in NURBS?


I´ve noticed that in x3d the control points of a nurbs surface are
represented in homogeneous coordinates 

Is there any benefit in doing it that way compared to the "normal /
intuitive way" (also explained in the link) ?

I´m asking for two reasons:

1. White_dune, Instant Reality & BSContact  Player are using the homogeneous
    But Octaga Player uses the "normal" way.

2. I´m currently implementing NURBS Curves and PatchSurfaces in X3DOM and
i´m not sure if i should implement the homogeneous
  or the "normal way". Currently i´m developing both, but the homogeneous
way is unintuitive and more complex and i really don´t see any advance.

thx for your help

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