[X3D-Public] Support for submeshes?

Michalis Kamburelis michalis.kambi at gmail.com
Tue Feb 5 15:53:44 PST 2013

Keith Victor wrote:
> That general approach was a bit messy.  I would have preferred that they
> specify the transition between the appearances, so it forces the author
> to place all the triangles ( or Faces ) that share the same appearance
> to be next to eachother. ( so the renderer does not have to do so )

That would be my preference too --- to keep faces with the same 
appearance together. Otherwise, browsers will have to reorder the faces 
first, for efficient rendering. Which may be time-consuming and 
troublesome (it depends on how much dynamic we allow there, but since 
IndexedFaceSet has set_coordIndex event then I guess we will want to 
also allow to change the appearance assignment at runtime).

> MFInt32 appearanceTransition  (index of the Face where we transition to
> the next appearance )

Instead of specifying the transition index, it could be more consistent 
to follow what existing TriangleFanSet.fanCount and 
TriangleStripSet.stripCount fields do 

So a field like

   MFInt32 appearanceCount

For example

   appearanceCount [ 44, 123, 456 ]

means that first 44 faces use the first appearance, the next 123 faces 
use the 2nd appearance, the next 456 faces use the 3rd appearance.


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