[X3D-Public] view3dscene 3.12.0

Michalis Kamburelis michalis.kambi at gmail.com
Sat Jan 26 13:49:22 PST 2013


New version of view3dscene, an open-source VRML/X3D browser developed
with our Castle Game Engine, is available on


 From the user point of view, the new release is a mixture of various 
new features: navigation in Walk/Fly by mouse dragging (similar to other 
VRML/X3D browsers), using mouse 3D devices, screen-space ambient 
occlusion effect (see menu "View -> Screen Effects"), handling of UNIT 
from X3D 3.3, VisibilitySensor, simple interactive lights editor (see 
menu "Edit -> Lights Editor"), X3D extension to force Phong shading 
(X3DShapeNode.shading = ["DEFAULT"|"PHONG"]). And numerous smaller 
improvements and optimizations.

Most of the work done in 2012 was focused on making the underlying 
Castle Game Engine really comfortable for game developers, to allow 
making 3D games (with VRML/X3D as main 3D model format, of course) 
really fun. If you're a game developer, and especially if you know 
ObjectPascal (maybe from Delphi), you should most definitely check out 
our new Castle Game Engine 4.0.0 features.

The complete list of new features of view3dscene and Castle Game Engine, 
with some YouTube demo movies, is on


Check out in particular the new water caustics demo available in new 
demo models: http://castle-engine.sourceforge.net/demo_models.php :)


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