[X3D-Public] need 3D Programs exporting X3D including nurbsPatchSurface

Vincent Marchetti vmarchetti at ameritech.net
Wed Jun 26 04:50:47 PDT 2013


The STEP file browser, at http://spri.kshell.com will read a STEP file and deliver X3D models of the geometry in the file. If the STEP file contains NURBS surfaces then the X3D file will render those as NurbsPatchSurface or NurbsTrimmedSurface; and many other curved surfaces in the STEP file geometry are delivered that way as well.

See http://www.kshell.com/pages/x3d_cad/ for a description of how to upload STEP files and get X3D back. The content of that page is out-of-date, the latest versions of the Octaga browser do not support NURBS surfaces as well as the version 2 of Octage Player did.

Encouraging and enabling support for NURBS surfaces by browsers and X3DOM is a major interest of the X3D-CAD group; see http://www.web3d.org/wiki/index.php/X3D_CAD.

Vince Marchetti

On Jun 26, 2013, at 6:40 AM, Philipp Serfling wrote:

> Hi,
> are there any 3d programs / Cad programs available, which are able to export/ convert files into .x3d including <NurbsPatchSurface> node ?
> I tested many programs and none are really satisfying. Most programs triangulate nurbs information into <IndexedFaceSet> or <IndexedLineSet>
> Only Polytrans converts some fileformats into <NurbsTrimmedSurface>, but with not satisfying results.
> My whole list can be reviewed in the attachement.
> Thanks for your help
> .philipp
> <cadProgrammsNurbs.rtf>_______________________________________________
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