[X3D-Public] Need a multitexture example (that works)

Michalis Kamburelis michalis.kambi at gmail.com
Sun Mar 17 15:25:27 PDT 2013

Nicholas Polys wrote:
> Hi all~
> This is an interesting thread and I hope we can take the conversation
> to the next level!
> Web3D Consortium Members are welcome and encouraged to advocate for
> features and propose solutions such as this. The Specification comment
> form at web3d.org provides a venue where specific technical comments
> and suggestions can be made; these are all reviewed by the X3D WG. The
> X3D at web3d.org list is where asynchronous communication can develop and
> finally, the weekly telecon meetings (Wed 8 am Pacific) for real time
> dialogue. Currently the 1st meeting of every month is dedicated these
> exact discussions on X3D futures and Web3D C spec strategy.
> I hope we can find common ground in these various extensions and
> continue to extend and improve X3D support and the ISO
> specification... thanks for your participation - glad to have you 'in'
> ! :-)

I would support introducing the InstantReality extensions 
(http://doc.instantreality.org/tutorial/commonsurfaceshader/) to the X3D 
specification. I want to implement parts of them in view3dscene, so we 
would have at least two browsers (my view3dscene and InstantReality 
itself) supporting this solution.

Docs of my own bump mapping extensions are on 
. These are older and simpler than InstantReality, possibly too simple. 
But comments are welcome.

And if any Web3D members want to take care of improving the 
multi-texturing specification, my comments about it are here: 
. I particular, see section "4.3. Problems with existing X3D 
MultiTexture.mode specification", where I list the problems along with 
proposed specification fixes. I reported these problems to the spec 
comments a couple of times, and completely nothing happened --- all the 
problems are still in X3D 3.3... Anyway, if you would like to work on 
these problems, that would be great, and of course I'm available to 
answer any questions.


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