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Richard F. Puk puk at igraphics.com
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Hi, Don --

I agree that improving the audio capabilities of X3D is important. However,
I think that correct parameterization is paramount and that this will need
both research and an investigation to see if there is an available
International Standard. Then, trial implementations would be a good idea. I
note that surround sound from HDTV might be a place to start since it is
likely that that will be the most common presentation mechanism.

  -- Dick

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Really interesting Dave, thanks.

I think that your evaluation illustrates why we need to support a completely
lossless maximum-quality encoding like FLAC, as well as improved spatial
audio characteristics (which can be performed efficiently on today's
hardware).  X3D should be the technology of choice for publishing and
exploring a 3D virtual scene that includes an integrated high-fidelity audio

all the best, Don
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