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For several years now the Deep Matrix multi-user system for Instant Player: 
has had a Proto called "Matrix_Sound" that allows Instant Player to play ogg, au, aiff, mp3 and of course .wav using Java EAI with javazoom: 
The proto, besides having direction and location fields, does have a rough approximation of the Sound Node's maxBack, maxFront, minBack, minFront fields, but it can't do spatialize, priority and intensity. It was originally written to give Instant Player mp3 playing capability and the other formats came as perks. Also given Instant Player's lack of full support for even .wav files the proto helps fill in the blanks there as well.
 It could probably adapted to FreeWRL or any other browser with an EAI, or SAI capability.

Russ Kinter
On 05/10/13, Don Brutzman<brutzman at nps.edu> wrote:
Of broad interest: Wikipedia is now support the .ogg vorbis audio format.



Of further interest: FLAC (Free Lossless Audio Codec)


Broad question: shall we add .ogg vorbis and FLAC to the list of 
_required_ audio formats for X3D?

 16.4.1 AudioClip

> Browsers shall support at least the wavefile format in uncompressed PCM format (see [WAV]). It is recommended that browsers also support the MIDI file type 1 sound format (see 2.[MIDI]) and the MP3 compressed format (see 2.[I11172-1]). MIDI files are presumed to use the General MIDI patch set. 9.2.1 URLs contains details on the url field.

X3D working group: we should also consider improving the aural 
spatialization model in next year's X3D v3.4.

 16.4.2 Sound

all the best, Don
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