[X3D-Public] FreeWRL Multitexture status - was Re: X3D MultiTexture tests

John Stewart alex.stewart at crc.ca
Tue May 14 05:02:46 PDT 2013

Hi Michalis and other X3D-ites;

As usual, thanks for all your initiatives with X3D.

Just a note regarding Multitexturing and Android and FreeWRL:

I've moved FreeWRL's source code over to shader-based rendering for all platforms, and, for now, have disabled some of the multi texture modes simply because of performance issues on mobile devices. 

I do create shaders "on the fly" with a block of code for "handling MultiTexture".  Currently the multi-texture ones have most of the modes commented out; the fragment shader performance on some of the 2-3 year old SOC chipsets is abysmal, so most modes commented out, and, IIRC, 3 layers at most, and it appears to work ok for most SOC chipsets.

My main focus when touching the FreeWRL code is performance on Android devices (and, of course iPhone devices), which has been an interesting chore, to say the least!

Still lots of work to do in the FreeWRL Shader coding;  most of the "create on the fly" shader code works ok, but there are holes and bugs still.

I don't do FreeWRL anymore at work, so this is a part-time task, atm.

See you;

John Alexander Stewart
alex.stewart at crc.gc.ca

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