[X3D-Public] Smithsonian X 3D

Cecile Muller newsletter at wildpeaks.fr
Wed Nov 13 14:28:14 PST 2013

Good evening everyone,

I asked them about it on Twitter earlier, but while it's a very cool
unfortunately X3D is not a reference to our file format indeed, that's just
they named their service.

The downloadable files are in various laser scan formats and their WebGL
(http://3d.si.edu/sites/all/themes/charter/js/ccexplorer.min.js) seems to
a custom format serving mesh data as base64-encoded binary wrapped in JSON,

See you,

2013/11/13 Charles P. Lamb <CLamb at acm.org>

> I've just noticed that the Smithsonian Institution has launched a new
> initiative for digitizing and accessing their collections which they are
> calling "Smitsonian X 3D".  http://3d.si.edu/  They even appear to have
> developed viewer software running on top of WebGL. In my brief search I
> haven't found anything about their data format. I wonder if they considered
> using X3D or were even aware of it?
> Thanks,
> Charles P. Lamb
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