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Sven-Erik Tiberg Sven-Erik.Tiberg at ltu.se
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Thanks for this initiative.

If I may add some ideas.
Would like a content server structure where 
- it's distributed ( replication + transaction handler ) to avoid SPOF, company firewalls, restricted bandwidth and increased access time.
- Objects ( X3d-model, scripts ,,, ) can be moved around in the file tree w/o editing links in X3D-sceens.  Avoid lost links.
- Support levels of access / upload of objects to freeware , shareware and propertarian-ware. Evtl. with payware server unit.
- Extended metadata structure in objects supporting geo-data ( global location of object ), interface to other objects ( like BIM http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Building_information_modeling  ) and dynamical properties as weight, CG, inertia, flexibility,, ).
- Server side function to extract meta data from objects to categories used by server search engine. 
- Possibility to edit objects ( both graphical and scripts ) by server side script at delivery to client.
- and probably some more ideas.  

Some suggestion to servers
and a brand new server type:

Just some thoughts that probably needs to be further defined.


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The website http://www.3dcadbrowser.com has both free and commercial models available.  Output formats include .x3d and .wrl formats.  (Their "free models" are not so free... you have to upload a model and someone else has to download it before your free account can download anything.  Licensing isn't immediately clear either.  Whatever, caveat emptor.)

Nevertheless it is great that commercial sites are picking up on the value of X3D.

Wondering if we should build a list of sites offering X3D models, for free or for sale?  If someone wants to pursue this, I will be happy to add entries on the X3D Resources page.

all the best, Don
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