[X3D-Public] Ajax and Comet: the client library

Alan Grimes ALONZOTG at verizon.net
Sat Oct 5 16:01:35 PDT 2013

'ello, Surprisingly enough I didn't just go poof and disappear. I know 
that's a common affliction of people who come in with big ideas and 
grand plans. =P

Anyway, I've been spending lots of time in the gym recently (blatant 
lie) and managed to lift the 1,100 page Javascript book off my shelves. 
It mentions that there is both a push and a pull protocol for chatting 
up the server: Ajax and Comet.

Even though I don't really like web programming, that seems to be the 
corner I've painted myself into... Apparently I need some kind of 
javascript client runtime library that will manage the local data 
relating to a 3D scene, grab new sectors/LoD stuff from the server as 
the avatar moves and the server can push updates via comet as other 
things move. Or at least that seems somewhat right...

So am I making any sense? I'm much too noob to pull this off myself, 
unfortunately. =(

I don't quite understand the X3D client enough to know whether it can 
deal with a rapidly evolving model file, or how that would work 
including user interface callbacks...


Powers are not rights.

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