[X3D-Public] games > state carryover on anchor between scenes

doug sanden highaspirations at hotmail.com
Tue Oct 15 05:57:11 PDT 2013

> Yes it could be fun for games! If you anchor between rooms or  
> indoor/outdoor scenes all those scenes can be be parsed separately as  
> needed. Which may render faster depending on viewer. 

> > The idea of bundling resources in a zip file is common in game engines 
> > (especially useful to distribute game mods), and as I'm implementing a 
> > game engine using X3D --- it would be cool if it would be just a 
> > standard X3D feature :) 
> > 

Q. for multi-scene games, how / where is game state -such as scoring, level, persona- carried over to subsequent scenes after an Anchor? Is there an SAI field on the Browser that can be set with (name,value) pairs from Script nodes/javascript, and if so which field(s)? Or is there another paradigm?


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