[X3D-Public] Vendor agnostic/neutral icon(s)?

doug sanden highaspirations at hotmail.com
Thu Sep 19 09:47:58 PDT 2013

Q. are there free/open license icons for web3d files that are vendor neutral, that I can use when installing a web3d application, to set so called shell file associations in the file explorer/shell, so as to indicate web3d files regardless of which application(s) can open them?



In MS windows, icons can be associated with file extensions (ie .x3d) as seen by a so-called shell or file explorer:
- here .x3z and .x3db are 'unclaimed'
- .wrl, .x3d and .x3dv are claimed by flux
- .wrz is identified as file to be opened by a web browser (vs app)
- Xj3D's icon and freewrl's icon are shown for comparison
Public / contentious extensions - like all our web3d extensions .wrl, .wrz .x3d, .x3dv, .x3db - can cause a 'fight' when different applications install and attempt to claim the extensions for themselves, including imposing their vendor-specific icon on the shell. The last one installed wins.
When installing freewrl, rather than imposing freewrl's icon, I'd like to put a vendor neutral icon, if there is one.     

even more...
I noticed windows Vista and beyond has something called 'PerceivedType' for the shell ie .png is an 'image'. Probably scene files could be put as 'model'.
It might be nice to show which filetypes are handled by at least one app, vs unhandled web3d files. IDEA: same icon except gray if not handled.

I'm working over on freewrl.sourceforge.net 		 	   		  

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