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There is a Linux version just to be clear, but hopefully you'll find exactly
what you need. To give you an idea of the time frame you're looking at, some
of us have been on this list for about 17 years now if I remember right. X3D
has come a long way and still has ways to go, but definitely a sensible
choice now for your goals into the future. I began working on OT in early
1997, and knowing then what I know now, I'd still use X3D. So I truly think
we're on solid ground for the long run, and I welcome continued efforts to
standardize multi-user networking. Lauren

-see original reply from Alan below...

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Before I continue this thread, I have to congratulate all of you for 
creating the best mailing list I've ever read here. I mean the posts and 
the replies are the best written, most helpful, and most informative 
I've ever seen. I mean I wanted to reply to this earlier in the day but 
the thread was so awesome that I didn't want to interrupt it. =P

GLG wrote:
> Alan,
> We seem to have similar goals socially. Please see 3dnpvei.com as a
> point to follow links for the Office Towers world and the X3Daemon server.

Okay, that's interesting. The only issue is that I run Linux and can't 
really use that proprietary client.

> With regard to standards, most people grossly underestimate the effort
> required to build a 3D MU system, and therefore attempt to re-invent the
> wheel because they want to own it, which almost invariably fail for that
> same reason (This is without mentioning the technical errors that often
> ensue as well, making those system non-workable for all practical

It's not about ownership it's about my ability to evolve the platform. 
While I want to take advantage of every open source platform, tool, and 
standard  that could benefit the project, I do have some rather 
(ludicrously) ambitious goals for later on. My efforts now are intended 
to bootstrap, through many many iterations, my later goals.

Let me put my cards on the table. My long term goals are as follows: I 
want to develop the technology to the point that it can support full 
five-sense immersion. I want to develop it to the point where it can 
support strong AI development.

I am a transhumanist/singularitarian. I do not support the concept of 
mind uploading. I do not want to pretend it is possible to "live" in VR 
(see writings of the Big Weenie aka Raymond Kurzweil). Instead, I want 
to build a system that will involve a BCI/neural interface device that 
will allow you to mind-meld with aforementioned AI systems and then 
directly experience arbitrarily designed bodies (anything you could 
conceivably imagine being able to construct). If you like the body you 
designed for yourself then I want to have a "print" button where you can 
send it off to be fabricated.

Setting aside the philosophical issues, I think most of this could be 
done in the 20-25 year time-frame.

So, right now I need to lay the foundation. That is I need a system that 
has the potential to be evolved in that direction. Given my lack of 
resources, it is critical that I leverage as much technology from the 
industry at large, such as J2EE application frameworks, as possible in 
order to have something that works well enough to support the next 
development cycle.

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