[X3D-Public] Fwd: [X3D] Comment: need ability to import separate Javascript source library into embedded X3D Script code

Holger Seelig holger.seelig at yahoo.de
Sat Dec 6 09:59:31 PST 2014

This is indeed a missing feature. One way is to define a new function like "require" to import external JavaScript libraries:

require ("http://example.com/script.js", "../script.js");

For consistency it should can handle multiple URLs.

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</div>Comments on this issue welcome.  Seems like a big omission if indeed there is no way for an author to load an external Javascript library into a Script node internal to an X3D scene.

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Comment on 19777-1: JavaScript Binding - V3.3
4 Concepts

No method currently exists to import source for an external Javascript
library into an embedded X3D Script node.

The ECMAScript specification reserves keywords "import export" but does not
define functionality.

HTML supports multiple javascript libraries in the web page via the  element.

X3D needs a similar mechanism where an X3D Script author can use/reuse an
external Javascript library.

Submitted on Wednesday, 2014,  December 3 - 9:14am
by brutzman (brutzman )

See: http://www.web3d.org/node/1694/submission/371

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