[X3D-Public] X3D Security capabilities and needs

Don Brutzman brutzman at nps.edu
Fri Dec 12 09:37:59 PST 2014

We had an excellent discussion on the Web3D Communications teleconference this morning.

One of the key topics we are looking at is applying security to X3D models.

Excellent (indeed world-class) solutions exist already for digital signing and encryption.  These can work for full scenes, inlined scenes, and even portions of scenes (such as a high-fidelity model variant under an LOD).

Important insight:  we need to start building XML security support into our X3D players as well as improving our tools.  Then authors can use digital signature and encryption freely.

Feedback welcome.  How important is this to authors and applications?

X3D Resources: Security

The .x3d encoding is XML based. This means that the full power of Web Security can be applied to X3D Graphics models.

* X3D Security Examples demonstrate conversions for XML Encryption and XML Signature (digital authentication)
* X3D Security README describes the technical detail about how all this works.

Player and tool support:

* X3D-Edit authoring tool.
* Advanced developers can use native XML tools.
* TODO: better built-in support is needed by X3D players and tools.

Interested? The Web3D Consortium X3D Working Group participates in the W3C Security Activity to continue taking advantage of ongoing developments.

all the best, Don
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