[X3D-Public] X3D Security capabilities and needs

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Customer-specific designs and industrial part designs may benefit from secure models.
Some content is custom for a single customer, requiring several days, weeks or person-years of effort to design. The customer may want to see the design before writing the cheque. Making the design harder to reverse engineer by a competitor or the customer would 'smooth transactions'. Examples:
- home/building design.  has a VR component that allows the designer to bundle the viewer and CAD model into a .exe to send to the customer

- industrial training simulators: in Canada if an industrial worker is killed on the job, a provincial government may order more training, and sometimes custom VR style training simulator projects are the best training method, and are contracted out

Industrial parts catalog entries - ngrain had a voxel viewer that was popular for catelogs in the oilpatch because it was hard (for a competitor) to reverse engineer a part design from voxels, yet a engineering company could see all parts from different mfgs/suppliers assembled together when designing integrated systems.

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>>> Feedback welcome. How important is this to authors and applications?
> This is just my private opinion: I think it is very important to authors and applications.
> Reason: Rich, developed countries/companies can afford to cope with open source data models, because they can make "big money" with the surrounding services (writing books, consultants, .....), but poor, developing countries/companies need to make "little money" with the help of protected models.
> Just my private opinion, as I said. I can be wrong.
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