[X3D-Public] Find minimum X3D version for specific nodes?

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Dear Don,

thanks a lot for the great help.

This are really a lot of interesting and useful sources for information, I'm looking forward to have a closer look.
Just one quick question: Is there any reason why 3.0 is the oldest version that is mentioned?

Best Regards,

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Hi Max, excellent question.  The X3D Abstract Specification includes this information for all nodes and abstract types:

Annex Z (normative) Version content


Node 	Fields 	3.0 	3.1 	3.2 	3.3
addChildren 	X	X	X	X
removeChildren 	X	X	X	X
children 	X	X	X	X
description 	X	X	X	X
metadata 	X	X	X	X
parameter 	X	X	X	X
url 		X	X	X	X
bboxCenter 	X	X	X	X
bboxSize 	X	X	X	X

The node name "Anchor" there in turn links directly to the specification paragraph:

Of related interest: this table "Annex Z Version Content" is what the X3D Tooltips entry for each node is linked to.  Additional cross-reference links to X3D Schema and DTD documentation are also provided.


In general these links can all be found listed together under X3D Resources: Authoring Support.

... and under the assumption "you can never have too much of a good thing!" I'm maintaining a spreadsheet inventory of node-by-node coverage for  X3D Abstract Specification, X3D Schema, X3D DOCTYPE, X3D-Edit, X3DOM, and VRML97 node sets.

X3D Specifications: DOCTYPE and Schema Validation http://www.web3d.org/specifications

X3D Node Inventory Comparison

This was the exact topic of discussion during our X3D Working Group teleconference last week.  You are welcome to join us sometime, Wednesdays at 0800 pacific.

Please advise if there are better cross-reference links for X3DOM, and if you notice any nodes missing.  Your email is great - it will be really helpful when your documentation lists when a supported node was a Fraunhofer/X3DOM extension (rather than standardized X3D) so that we might diligently consider them as potential additions to X3D v3.4 and v4.0.

Updates, corrections, questions and improvements are always welcome.  Thanks for all efforts.

On 2/21/2014 4:13 AM, Limper, Max wrote:
> Dear all,
> I was wondering whether there is any way to find out in which version of X3D a specific node was introduced?
> Background: We're currently writing some documentation for X3DOM, and 
> we want to show, for each node, whether it is standardized (X3D) or 
> not (X3DOM only). Additionally, one could then specify with which 
> version of X3D a node was introduced. Of course, this is just a 
> nice-to-have feature ;-)
> Best Regards,
> Max
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all the best, Don
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