[X3D-Public] [x3dom-developers] X3DOM and PostGIS 3D Database

Regina Obe regina at arrival3d.com
Mon Jul 14 12:19:24 PDT 2014

Thanks for the announcement .  
I am planning to upgrade the ST_AsX3D function in PostGIS, first by cleaning
up some issues with how its handling some geometries.  Then next deciding
what the best mapping is for each or providing people with spatial geometry
to X3D mapping options
similar to what we do with http://postgis.net/docs/manual-dev/ST_AsGML.html
Right now it just uses IndexedFaceSets, LineSets, IndexedLineSet,
IndexedTriangleSet ( http://postgis.net/docs/manual-dev/ST_AsX3D.html ) and
there are some spotty areas
Are you referring to the X3D geospatial specs? All I could find was this and
link to X3D geospatial component link
mponent.pdf  (just gives me a 404)


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Hi Mike,

Looking at that page, it looks like 'not yet'. But since it's a GIS
database, it seems like it would be easy enough to add. Regina has already
done the basics of just getting a simple shape out, and all the plumbing
that entails. At this point, I would think it's just a matter of grabbing
the spec and the code and hammering the rest out.

Dave A

On 7/14/2014 9:07 AM, Mike McCann wrote:

Hi Dave, 

Thanks for sharing. This is pretty cool. Is there support of the Geospatial
component with this capability? 


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On Jul 13, 2014, at 12:49 PM, Dave A <dave at realmofconcepts.com> wrote:

Hello all,

I would like to pass along some news from 3D DB wizard Regina Obe with whom
I've done some X3D work with. She has X3DOM being served from a general 3D
database. This is a game-changer. Forget formats, at least for interchange.
The DB is the 'format'. Input and output formatters handle the transfer. But
check out what she has:

"I finally got around to playing around with x3dom and created a quickie
viewer to view my PostGIS 3D queries.

Have it described here

X3dom.js seems much better than last time I tried it a year ago."


Dave A


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