[X3D-Public] Request for medical review of H-Anim skeleton - who can help?

Don Brutzman brutzman at nps.edu
Fri Jun 27 12:02:44 PDT 2014

The ISO Humanoid Animation (H-Anim) Standard appears to be anatomically correct.  Historically this veracity has been asserted during specification development, and also during informal reviews (such as comparison to online resources).

However, it is not clear that we have had confirmation that the H-Anim skeleton, which consists of Joints and bone Segments, is rigorously correct with respect to the medical literature.  Furthermore, it is not clear what the right reference might be that is internationally authoritative.  The current H-Anim references are silent about this, online at:

	Humanoid animation (H-Anim)
	2 Normative references

Dick, is there an ISO standard for relevant human anatomy that we can check and possibly reference?

If anyone knows of other relevant references, that would be helpful.  We can then perform a comparison audit to the authoritative anatomical reference.

Confirmation of this feature is especially important as we begin to produce both anatomically, medically correct skeleton with full animation of motion-capture ranges of motion.  This is where progress by the h-anim and medical working groups begin to overlap.

Thanks in advance for all efforts to help on this important (and hopefully not too difficult) topic.

all the best, Don
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