[X3D-Public] DASH-X3D new profile - Interoper abilitypoint

kostas kapetanakis kapekost at gmail.com
Fri May 9 10:16:13 PDT 2014

to whom it may concern,

In multimedia content laboratory of TEI of Crete, we are working on a new
profile/interoperability point,  for 3D scenes delivery (X3D).
My first approach is based on ISO/IEC 23009-1.
I would kindly ask if anyone else is currently working on 3D scene delivery
for MPEG-DASH to contact me. Additionally, I would like more information on
how to describe a new interoperability point (the documents which should be
delivered for review according to
http://dashif.org/identifiers/how-to-register/ ).
Best Regards,

​ ​
​Project coordinator - R&D
McLab​ -​ Informatics Engineering
T​EI​​ of Crete​
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