[X3D-Public] DASH-X3D new profile - Interoper abilitypoint

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Fri May 9 12:13:23 PDT 2014

> http://www.medialab.teicrete.gr/index.php/minipages 
Very interesting - I'll take a closer look.

Q. what about the .x3z scene zipping
which is like googleEarth .kmz - a doc.x3d in the root of a .zip file, and /images subfolder - or other docx style resource bundling - does that fit with the manifest and chunking methods you use, or does your method replace/obsolete these bundling methods?

> Dear Sanden, 
> The MPEG-DASH approach we are currently working on (for my master's 
> dissertation) will present 3d models in several resolution instances 
> and inspite of the BASEurl, the MPD will provide proper information for 
> dynamic adaptation mechanisms to 3D players (browser-based or not). The 
> content will be delivered and rendered client-side, as X3DOM originally 
> works right now (and any other plug-in based player). 
> ... 
> The approach with html5 canvas and gesture messages to a remote 
> renderer having sessions, is one of the implementations we performed 
> using Java X3D player, during our research in a project we are working 
> in collaboration with other departments, (i-promotion) (greek content 
> description : http://www.ipromotion.gr/) . There is a lot of 
> optimization needed for such an application to be published, the delay 
> is almost unacceptable. 
> There is a procedural streaming approach we tested and published in a 
> minipage (during model loading you can navigate in the world). 
> Utilizing Websockets, simple http requests and a batch request 
> http://www.medialab.teicrete.gr/minipages/x3domstream/ 
> furthermore, if you are interested some of our research demos are here: 
> http://www.medialab.teicrete.gr/index.php/minipages 
> On Fri, May 9, 2014 at 8:57 PM, doug sanden 
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> wrote: 
> Kostas, 
> Not sure how you use DASH with x3d. What does it look like? 
> -Doug 
> more.. 
> I had an idea -and may get to it in the next year- for something I call 
> 'Server-Side Rendering' or SSR for short. If you've got beautiful Crete 
> 3D tourist scenery -in X3D format- and want web surfers to be able to 
> go around in 3D -but without heavy-duty x3dom .js, and without plugins- 
> then the idea is that the client swipes/drags a 2D Html5 canvas which 
> causes a 3D grid of construction lines to be redrawn as if navigating 
> through the grid in 3D. When they lift their finger/mouse button at the 
> end of the swipe/drag, the cumulative navigation is sent to the server, 
> which moves the avatar in the scene and renders the snapshot from the 
> new viewpoint pose, and ajaxes the view back to the client. 
> This would need an x3d renderer capable of holding session state -if 
> the scene state is different for each user- or else passing back the 
> cumulative navigation in a cookie or restful url after correcting for 
> collision and gravity to the cumulative navigation. 
> Perhaps DASH-X3D is something like that, except the client has no 
> control over the path, and instead of ajaxing snapshots a movie-like 
> MPEG stream is sent. 
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>> Subject: [X3D-Public] DASH-X3D new profile - Interoper abilitypoint 
>> to whom it may concern, 
>> In multimedia content laboratory of TEI of Crete, we are working on a 
>> new profile/interoperability point, for 3D scenes delivery (X3D). 
>> My first approach is based on ISO/IEC 23009-1. 
>> I would kindly ask if anyone else is currently working on 3D scene 
>> delivery for MPEG-DASH to contact me. Additionally, I would like more 
>> information on how to describe a new interoperability point (the 
>> documents which should be delivered for review according to 
>> http://dashif.org/identifiers/how-to-register/ ). 
>> Best Regards, 
>> -- 
>> Kostas 
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>> Kapetanakis 
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>> McLab​ -​ Informatics Engineering 
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