[X3D-Public] MovieTexture not displayed!

Limper, Max max.limper at igd.fraunhofer.de
Mon Nov 3 12:43:49 PST 2014

It might also be a CORS issue?

Testing with a local filesystem, without any server, is not recommended in general, because your browser's default security settings might prevent you from loading some content from disk.

Joe, could you please check if you get any debug information from your browser?
Usually, it helps to open the browser's developer console (for FF, I think it was CTRSl+SHIFT+K or something like that... it is salso possible to show the dev console via the UI) and then to reload the page. Hopefully, you should then see some error messages that could probably tell us more.


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On the www.x3dom.org<http://www.x3dom.org> site, the URL for the movie texture source is http://doc.x3dom.org/tutorials/basics/imagesMovies/bigBuckBunny.ogv

When retrieved by an ordinary HTTP request to this URL, x3dom.org<http://x3dom.org>'s server is providing a Content-Type of
Content-Type: video/ogg

Could it be that the x3dom code relies on this information in its download, and that it’s not getting a Content-Type header when loading from a local
file or your server?

Vince Marchetti

On Nov 3, 2014, at 10:59 AM, Joe Lewis <jlewis at suitefactory.com<mailto:jlewis at suitefactory.com>> wrote:

Here is my issue. When I browser to the following link my browser displays everything correctly. (Firefox 34.3)!

When I copy the source file locally and try to display it from my PC I see the Image displayed correctly on its Cube(<Box/>) but the Movie as displayed on its Cube(<Box/> is black even though I can hear the sound. I tried an experiment and copied the source file to my Website in a sub-folder and when I browse to it I got the same results with the black Cube(<Box/>) with sound.

Any Suggestions?

Joe Lewis

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