[X3D-Public] Blender export to X3D shows blank black screen

Gordon Fisher phi3d at yahoo.com
Wed Nov 26 01:50:28 PST 2014

Here's another thing to try. Delete the camera in Blender before exporting the file.  I had the situation where I'd build a model in Blender, and the object would be entirely black until I deleted the Blender camera.  After that, it worked.
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 Subject: [X3D-Public] Blender export to X3D shows blank black screen
I used blender to export a complex architectural model to a X3D format, and when I tryto play it back on the browser, it shows a black screen instead of mymodel.  An example of it is here:  http://ivanchanphotography.com/skytrain/A simple model built using blender then exported to x3d didn't have the same problem?  An example here is http://ivanchanphotography.com/cerealbox/index2.html or http://ivanchanphotography.com/shampoo
Anyone can try to help?
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