[X3D-Public] NEW: CREATE3000 introduces free Titania X3D Browser and Editor for Ubuntu

Holger Seelig holger.seelig at yahoo.de
Tue Oct 14 12:03:33 PDT 2014

Hi Dough, Titania has an Outline Editor where routes are shown can be connected and edited. The Outline Editor is a tree graph of the scene graph where all nodes and fields are shown. Direct beside the fields there are connectors where routes can be established. You can simply click on an input connector field and on an output connector field to establish a route. Hold down the Ctrl-Key and click on a connector field (small arrows) to delete a route again. You can highlight a route by clicking on the small arrow beside the connector fields. More information and images how routes can be established can you find at http://titania.create3000.de/documentation/creating-routes-between-fields/

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</div>Looks great! Very professional, nice icons, screenshots look great and I even love the name .. and a bug report facility?! 
Keep up the great work.

> Leipzig 14. October 2014: Titania is a new, free, open source X3D
> browser and authoring tool primary for the Ubuntu platform, that allows
> 3D developers easy and fast creation of 3d scenes and applications. Have
> a look at http://titania.create3000.de for first impressions how Titania
> plays on Ubuntu.
> All information, help with download and installation on Ubuntu, user
> guide for the first steps, can be found on the website
> http://titania.create3000.de.
> The German 3D software developer, Holger Seelig from Leipzig has
> contributed after four years of development the version 0.7.4 of
> Titania, an authoring tool, which enables to create interactive and
> multimedia internet ready content. This tool will sustainably accelerate
> and make it less difficult to generate interactive content of successful
> operating scenes and application. Even »Non 3D Realtime -Specialists«
> are in the position to generate 3D Realtime applications for the use in
> the internet.
> The Titania Editor is build on top of the Titania Browser which is fully
> integrated within the authoring tool. Titania supports for this early
> release X3D XML Encoded files and VRML Classic Encoded files. Beside
> this it comes with a tiny command line tool »x3dtidy« a X3D/VRML
> beautifier and converter.
> CREATE3000 is in search of testers for Titania. The source code is
> hosted on Launchpad https://launchpad.net/titania where bug can be
> reported too. Don't think twice and please report any bugs you found
> at https://bugs.launchpad.net/titania. This will help make Titania more
> robust, more stable and more comfortable.
> Visit the Titania website at http://titania.create3000.de to get
> complete version details and component/node support.
> Thank you for reading this article.
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