[X3D-Public] X3DEdit Installation on Win Pro 7 -- loss of features

Anthony Judge anthony.judge at gmail.com
Wed Oct 29 05:11:02 PDT 2014

I installed it once. Was impressed with the Palette feature -- amongst
others. Used the product to successfully  import .wrl files and export
them after editing. (Major issue was Cortona viewer gave me the VRML file
header error on which others have commented -- I switched to H3DViewer
which works fine -- pity for others wishing to integrate a viewer into
a browser)

I endeavoured to access some of the related X3D document resources and was
confronted by a bit stream of program code -- maybe associated with
trying to install FreeWRL. Later those resources became accessible,
but not the Palette -- unclear what should bring up that side window
anyway. Maybe one of the files in the program directory got

Continued editing without any problem -- effectively on a "cut-down"
version. Few of the advertised extra features seemed to be accessible
-- maybe only via Netbeans?

Decided to reinstall from the zip. No change.

Decided to download a new zip. No change. Even though I had cleaned
registry, the edit interface remembered files on which I was working.
So obviously I did not get rid of everything.

Possibly an issue of permissions? I switched from Program files x86 to
a new empty directory for the install. I note that Windows does not
detect it as a program that  can be uninstalled

Any link to comments on such issues?


Anthony Judge
<anthony.judge at gmail.com>

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