[X3D-Public] Installattion of X3DEdit 3.3 on Win 7 Pro

Don Brutzman brutzman at nps.edu
Wed Oct 29 19:07:39 PDT 2014

Anthony, thanks for your note.

- We have recently upgraded Xj3D to match latest JOGL libraries
- some of the stylesheet conversions and validation checks are blocking, we're still debugging
- we are publishing updates ~ every 2 weeks
- sometimes it works better as a Netbeans plugin
- improvements to Shape node interface ongoing, keep adding primitives (Capsule is next)


- please provide more detail on the bug(s) so that we can isolate or repeat them.

Thanks for your efforts, have fun with X3D!

On 10/25/2014 10:11 AM, Anthony Judge wrote:
> Hi Don
> Great product.
> I installed it once. Was impressed with the Palette feature -- amongst
> others. Used the product to successfully  import .wrl files and export
> them after editing. (Major issue was Cortona viewer gave me the file
> header error on which others have commented -- I switched to H3DViewer
> which works fine)

X3D player list at

X3D-Edit Preferences lets you configure to launch one or multiple players, if installed

> I endeavoured to access some of the related document resources and was
> confronted by a bit stream of program code -- maybe associated with
> trying to install FreeWRL. Later those resources became accessible,
> but not the Palette -- unclear what should bring up that side window
> anyway. Maybe one of the files in the program directory go
> disabled/corrupted.
> Continued editing without any problem. But few of the advertised extra
> features seemed to be accessible -- maybe only via Netbeans?
> Decided to reinstall from the zip. No change.
> Decided to download a new zip. No change. Even though I had cleaned
> registry, the edit interface remembered files on which I was working.
> So obviously I did not get rid of everything.
> Any link to comments on such issues?
> Thanks
> Tony

Currently we are using mail list, more is better, again thanks!

all the best, Don
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