[X3D-Public] Installation on Win 7 Pro -- loss of features -- different machine

Anthony Judge anthony.judge at gmail.com
Fri Oct 31 09:06:50 PDT 2014

As follow up to this issue, previously reported, I have successfully
installed X3DEdit on a different (older machine) running Win 7 Pro.  I
chose to do the install into a folder at the C: root level

The unresolved problems on the other machine remain with the issue of how
to make a fresh install.

Following the request for screenshots, I repeated the exercise (on the
successful install) of importing a classic vrml 97 scene -- created with a
text processor. The import was successful as indicated by the first
screenshot (attached). The Palette feature visible was not visible in the
corrupted install on the other machine.

However, I noted that the import triggered the FreeWRL viewer which did not
resolve the .wrl file correctly -- seemingly cycling through -- as
indicated by the second screenshot

The validate feature indicated a problem with the "Worldinfo" line, as
rendered visible in the third screenshot

After deleting that line (and successfully validating the file), I exported
into to vrml97 format and endeavoured to open it with the Cortona viewer.
This gave the previously reported error:

The VRML file header not found or unsupported encoding type

Having minimized/closed the previously visible Palette, I also note that it
is no longer accessible -- or I cannot find how to render it visible. The
Palette indication in the menu drop down does not seem to activate
anything. It is possible that this is due to my running X3DEdit on a laptop
with a smaller screen size -- Adobe Acrobat used to have such problems

I note that the cmd.exe box remains open

I hope this is of some use


Anthony Judge
<anthony.judge at gmail.com>
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