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We had a great week in Vancouver connecting with so many of you, new
collaborators and proven allies! The Web3D 2014 conference highlighted
capabilities and trends in interactive 3D graphics. Experts from
around the world shared 3D Web and Multimedia research and
technologies for a wide range of applications and platforms. Over 400
people attended our SIGGRAPH Birds of the Feather (BoF) sessions with
many more visiting the Web3D exhibition booth on the exhibit hall. The
presentations from Web3D2014
and SIGGRAPH 2014
 are available.

News highlights for SIGGRAPH 2014 activities include:

 Commercial Progress <#CommercialProgress>

 Web3D Conferences <#Web3DConferences>

 X3D V4.0 with HTML5/DOM <#HTML5DOMInteroperability>

 Cultural Heritage and Augmented Reality

 Medical Volume Visualization <#VolumeVisualization>

 CAD and 3D Printing <#CAD3DPrinting>

 Humanoid Animation (H-Anim) <#HumanoidAnimation>

 Korea Chapter <#KoreaChapter>

 X3D Systems <#X3DSystems>

 Upcoming Events 


In each of these areas, we showcased the broad impact of the X3D
Standard for interactive 3D graphics over the web. This year has been
particularly exciting with new capabilities and applications for
X3DOM, Augmented Reality, and Volume Visualization. In addition, X3D
adoption in international initiatives like 3D Printing and Cultural
Heritage has given the extensible ISO standard even greater
recognition and support. If you visited our booth, you saw Web3D
Consortium members demonstrate the latest breakthrough techniques and
applications, showcasing cutting-edge 3D visualization across a broad
range of Engineering, Medical, 3D Printing, Cultural Heritage and

Each year we find more and more programmers, animators, artists, and
3D graphics experts around the world adopting X3D for its:

 Powerful, optimized visualization for real time 3D graphics on the
 Easy-to-create interactive 3D content
 Robust interoperability and import/export formats
 Support of native 3D within an HTML5 page

**Commercial Progress**

Highlighted in the booth were Fraunhofer's newest techniques for large
model visualization, Augmented Reality and Cultural Heritage, shown
across several platforms including laptops and tablets. In addition,
we showcased Virginia Tech’s Medical Volume Visualization and real
3D prints from the NIH’s 3D Print Exchange <http://3dprint.nih.gov>

X3D's V4 prototype, X3DOM, demonstrations showed how X3D content can
be run natively in an HTML5 browser without plug-ins. The open source
WebGL/ JavaScript-based X3D player (X3DOM) fully integrates with HTML
DOM events. WebGL is currently supported in Chrome, Firefox and Safari
browsers. For more information see X3DOM project <http://x3dom.org>
 and examples <http://examples.x3dom.org>

**Web3D Conferences**

**Highlights from Web3D2014 in Vancouver**


At the Web3D 2014 Conference Keynote, 

Microsoft announced that all versions of Internet Explorer (IE) will
support WebGL as a security update!

** **

** **

**Best Paper**


Based on attendee's voting the Best Paper was awarded to:

 Leveraging public participation in urban planning with 3D web
technology. Jens Dambruch, Michel Krämer

Closely tied for 2nd place:

 Configurable Instances of 3D Models for Declarative 3D in the Web.
Felix Klein, Torsten Spieldenner, Kristian Sons, Philipp Slusallek
 SRC – A Streamable Format for Generalized Web-based 3D Data
Transmission. Max Limper, Maik Thöner, Johannes Behr, Dieter W.


A one-day series of workshops was held the day prior to Web3D2015.
These workshops covered active projects and other work being done by
the Consortium. A summary
 of the workshops is available.


Many of the Web3D2014 and SIGGRAPH2014 presentations are available.

 Web3D2014 Conference <http://web3d2014.org>
 site (no presentations, but the program is available)
 Web3D2014 <http://www.web3d.org/presentations/web3d2014>
 (at this time only Tutorials and Workshops are available. Papers to
be posted soon.)
: BOF presentations are available using links in the individual
sessions listed at the bottom of the target page.

**Web3D2015 Conference**

The 20th annual Web3D Conference will be held in Heraklion, Crete on
18-22 June 2015

**X3D V4.0 with HTML5/DOM


Our X3D Version 4 BoF session discussed X3D content in HTML5 pages,
rendered using WebGL. X3DOM is the prototype for next-generation Web
as X3D Version 4 standard. This effort has strategic importance for
Web3D and indeed for all 3D graphics, since X3D is an interchange
format for a wide variety of models. The X3D Working Group
 is building a solid foundation for declarative X3D to support rich 3D
graphics for the native Web page; Join us!

**Cultural Heritage and Augmented Reality**

Millions of artifacts populate our museums, awaiting discovery. While
many museums are adopting X3D and X3DOM for archive and deliver, there
are major challenges for 3D documentation, distribution, and augmented
reality. With the international membership of the Web3D Consortium and
the broader community focusing on these issues, we are sure to make
progress in the coming years. The Mixed Augmented Reality (MAR)
Working Group
 is focused on harmonizing proven capabilities into best practices for
MAR and 3D graphics, implementable by multiple X3D viewers and usable
by content authors.

**Medical Volume Visualization**

Our X3D Medical BoF discussed and demonstrated volume rendering
capabilities for viewing 3D scans and objects using X3D and X3DOM. New
demonstrations were showcased including X3D applications for haptic
training and surgical simulation, multichannel microscopy, fossil
characterization (e.g. microCT) and of course, medicine. A survey of
RenderStyles and Metadata was included as well as an update on our
activities with the DICOM standards organization, web publishing
communities and 3D Printing.This work is being done by the Medical
Working Group <http://www.web3d.org/working-groups/medx3d>

**CAD and 3D Printing**

The X3D Computer Aided Design (CAD) Working Group
 conducted a workshop on upcoming work this year. Lots of exciting
progress continues on a variety of initiatives for Building
Information Modeling (BIM), Architecture Engineering Construction
(AEC), and Additive Manufacturing (AM). Attendees confirmed their goal
to define best practices X3D export to Additive Manufacturing File
Format (AMF) for 3D printers. The Java-based Xj3D open-source
 codebase has successfully been moved to SourceForge to enable
integration of multiple existing projects and further encourage
community participation in building the valuable resource.

**Humanoid Animation (H-Anim)**

The H-Anim Working Group
 presented and discussed the revision process of the H-Anim
specification, including several implementation demos. Level of
Articulation (LOA) 1 to LOA3 examples of humanoid animation with
motion capture data were discussed. Facial and hands and feet
animations were also presented. The new H-Anim architecture and motion
capture specifications are still in progress.

**Korea Chapter**

The Web3D Korea Chapter <http://www.web3d.kr/e_index.asp>
 was started in 2009, and has been working on Web3D standards with
Web3D Consortium WG members. Korea chapter members presented
projective texture mapping, X3D mixed and augmented reality, X3D CAD
conversion, X3D physical sensors, and X3D chroma key at this meeting.
These topics are still in progress cooperatively with ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC
24, to develop international standards.

**X3D Systems**

Use of X3D systems has increased steadily throughout the world,
delivering durable applications in industry, science, medicine,
cultural heritage, entertainment, education and Augmented Reality. X3D
remains <http://www.web3d.org/about>
 the most widely used standard for the implementation of high
integrity and high capability 3D systems. For a list of recent
projects using X3D see X3D Examples <http://www.web3d.org/example>
 and Use Cases <http://www.web3d.org/case-studies>
 and X3D Adoption <http://www.web3d.org/x3d-adoption>

Experience the power of the only ISO certified, royalty free
open-standard 3D implementation for the Web: use X3D visualization and
animation software and services across market sectors like Geospatial,
Medical, BIM, and Virtual Worlds; explore X3D Earth integrated with
cityscapes; and X3D content playing on mobile devices. ISO
standardized X3D ensures the interoperability, longevity and ownership
of your content!

There has never been a better time to engage with the Web3D Consortium
 and to build out new dimensions on the World Wide Web!

We look forward to your participation! Please contact Anita Havele
 for additional information.

**Upcoming Events**

 – Munich, Germany. 8-12 September 2014
 – Calagry, Alberta. 15-19 September 2014
 VR Hackathon <http://www.web3d.org/event/vr-hackathon>
 – San Francisco, California. 17-19 October 2014
 HTML 5 Developers Conference
 – San Francisco, California. 20-24 October 2014
 Web3D 2015 <http://www.web3d.org/news-story/web3d2015-announced>
 – Heraklion, Crete. 18-22 June 2015

See Web3D's <http://www.web3d.org/>
 site for additional events.

All images reproduced with permission from their owners.

Cultural Heritage image courtesy of Fraunhofer and CultLab3D

H-Anim and Korea Chapter images courtesy of Myeong Won Lee

All remaining pictures courtesy of Daly Realism

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