[x3d-public] Comments on ISO/IEC 10775-1 V3.3 Core Component

Roy Walmsley roy.walmsley at ntlworld.com
Sat Jan 3 07:09:41 PST 2015


1. X3DMetadataNode

There is a single instance of the term X3DMetadataNode in the existing
specification in paragraph Integration with X3D worlds.

The abstract interface X3DMetadataObject is defined as simply being two
fields. Note that it has no nodal content as it is not a type derived from
X3DNode. It cannot, therefore, be used as the value for a SFNode or MFNode
field because these fields are defined, in section 5.3.12, to specify an X3D

The metadata field in all nodes derived from X3DNode is defined as a SFNode
field. Thus X3DMetadataObject cannot be the type required. Thus all node
definitions throughout the specification are incorrect.

The solution for this is to define the X3DMetadataNode.  This is derived
from X3DNode and X3DMetadataObject.

My changes therefore include the definition of the X3DMetadataNode,
references to it in all appropriate places in section 7 and setting it as
the required type for the value of all metadata fields.

2. X3DUrlObject

This abstract interface is not defined in this section. It is in 9
Networking component. All references have been removed.

3. X3DBindableNode

In the list of constructs in 7.2.1 the X3DbindableNode is included as a
commonly used interface. It is, however, a base abstract node type. Thus it
is more appropriate to include it in the line above.

In section 7.2.2 the terminology 'multiply instanced' has been essentially
replaced with 'multiply referenced instance' when referring to the DEF/USE
syntax in accordance with Comment 01 of mine.

3. Header statement

The version number of the standard supported is shown as 3.2.  It should be

4. PROFILE statement

The list of profiles defined in the standard did not include the Medical
Interchange profile. This has been added.

5. UNIT statement

The unit statement, included discussion of the <conversion_factor>
for converting from user defined units to standard base units. There was no
definition of how this conversion factor is to be applied. I have added,
therefore, an equation to cover this. Does this equation represent the
intended method?

6. Support levels

The MetadataBoolean node is missing from Table 7.2 - Core component support


There were quite a number of simple typographic and grammatical errors that
I have corrected. They included some erroneous links.  There were also some
layout amendments. None of these are substantive.


Attached to this document is the suggested updated HTML file for the core


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