[x3d-public] [X3D] X3D schema, DTD updates: FogCoordinate depth, X3DAppearanceNode is abstract

Don Brutzman brutzman at nps.edu
Mon Jan 19 20:02:46 PST 2015

X3D Schema, DTD update activity:

18 January 2015, walmsley, brutzman
- FogCoordinate depth field as type MFFloat array
- X3DAppearanceNode abstract="true"
- Metadata*, HAnim* nodes: cannot require @name field or else USE nodes fail to validate

These assets can be found on the X3D Specifications: XML Schema and DOCTYPE Validation page.


Full documentation updates have been autogenerated for the XML Schema and DOCTYPE validators.



The X3D Working Group also updated the X3D Graphics Standards: Specification Relationships diagram to show all major planned work.


Changes are tested through validation regression testing of 3800+ open source X3D scenes.


Feedback welcome, thanks for all contributions.

all the best, Don
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