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Don Brutzman brutzman at nps.edu
Thu Jan 29 19:44:33 PST 2015

Dave and Michalis: an impediment to widely implementing MultiTexture consistently has been a lack of any good .x3d examples for people to test against and compare.

I created a too-simple one that only shows validation structure of the scene graph:

with scene graph structure illustrated in

If you or others have a good example scene or two that can be released as part of the Web3D Consortium's open-source example archives, that would be an important step towards encouraging support.  Probably would land in the Basic archives somewhere.

Michalis, of course the X3D Working Group is interested in reconciling your thoughtful list of issues.  MultiTexture fixes remain on the list of things to accomplish in X3D v3.4.  I'm pretty sure your list is in our Mantis issue tracker too.

Anyone who wants to help us improve X3D is of course encouraged to join the Web3D Consortium and the X3D Working Group.  All efforts are voluntary, so usually actual work has to be performed by someone somewhere to fix the specification!

If we get some examples going, and find some good or bad things for authors to know, I'm willing to work also to add support in the X3D Tooltips or X3D Schematron checks to facilitate quality assurance and best practices.

So, the ideas sound great, getting MultiTexture into X3DOM and Unity sound like major steps forward too.  Thanks (as ever) for your deep consideration and for all progress.

all the best, Don
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