[x3d-public] Better Viewpoint examples/clarifications?

Anthony Judge anthony.judge at gmail.com
Thu Jul 9 01:39:25 PDT 2015

As a novice, having successfully completed a relatively complex WRL
with X3D Edit, came the moment of putting in a set of Viewpoints, in
the light of information variously available.on the web

My need is trivial, basically centered on a cube whose sides I want to
view looking down the three axes -- possibly 6 views.

Default is fine. I can "turn" the cube once, successfully to a new
viewpoint position with suitable use of orientation. I cannot switch
to any other view of the cube, despite having played with multiple
variants of viewpoint and orientation.

The matter is so trivial, but the explanations variously available do
not seem to match my need. And the examples are not as helpful as
might be assumed.

More generally, it is intriguing how hard it is to position new forms
within any framework, despite use of the xyz axes widget.


Anthony Judge
<anthony.judge at gmail.com>

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