[x3d-public] Better Viewpoint examples/clarifications?

Limper, Max max.limper at igd.fraunhofer.de
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In x3dom, you can switch viewpoints using the "bind" attribute (it's a special kind of field), or, more easily, using the pg up / pg down keys.

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I don't know about authoring tools, but usually x3d browsers have a way to advance down a list of viewpoints.
Vivaty: right click> Views> Next, Previous, Last, First, Default
Freewrl: menubar: < and> buttons, or keyboard 'v'=next 'b'=back

> As a novice, having successfully completed a relatively complex WRL 
> with X3D Edit, came the moment of putting in a set of Viewpoints, in 
> the light of information variously available.on the web
> My need is trivial, basically centered on a cube whose sides I want to 
> view looking down the three axes -- possibly 6 views.
> Default is fine. I can "turn" the cube once, successfully to a new 
> viewpoint position with suitable use of orientation. I cannot switch 
> to any other view of the cube, despite having played with multiple 
> variants of viewpoint and orientation.
> The matter is so trivial, but the explanations variously available do 
> not seem to match my need. And the examples are not as helpful as 
> might be assumed.
> More generally, it is intriguing how hard it is to position new forms 
> within any framework, despite use of the xyz axes widget.
> Tony.

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