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Wed Jul 8 23:12:49 PDT 2015

People like me who are interested in X3D format and exploitation with x3dom come in this public mail list and others. 
So, why not just asking using the current mailing list?

I'm dreaming on an easier way to customize navigation and viewpoints...


Le 8 juillet 2015 23:45:32 UTC+02:00, Leonard Daly <web3d at realism.com> a écrit :
>The first very basic question that needs to be answered is what to 
>include in V4. Over the years there have been statements that "X3D is 
>too big" and "X3D is not capable enough" (sometimes at the same time). 
>X3D V4 will support running in an HTML environment (like with X3DOM). 
>There will almost certainly be a new profile (call it 'HTML Profile'
>now). How do we (the Web 3D community) determine what goes into that 
>profile? Note that this is not a question of what goes into X3D, we are
>striving to always keep X3D backwards compatible.
>The current thinking and effort is to make HTML like the Immersive 
>Profile plus features needed to HTML plus other X3DOM available
>(e.g., Physics, Volume Rendering, etc.). One alternative approach is to
>determine a minimal set of functionality that is needed for HTML with 
>the current methods of creating 3D models and animation. There are
>means for accomplishing this task. Responses should address the
>How do we determine what should be in the HTML Profile of X3D V4?
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